Forensic investigation / Expert reporting

Expert investigations

Occasionally construction on site does not turn out as intended.  This may be as a result of poor design, or poor execution during construction, or as a consequence of both aspects.

Disputes arise for numerous reasons, and it is sometimes required that an investigation of the issues is carried out as part of informing the next course of action, be it further work to understand remediation, to a comprehensive forensic process resulting in expert reporting for legal procedures.

I have well-established experience in undertaking forensic investigations for construction defects.  I am backed by a team of highly experienced independent experts that are available for peer review and checking, as well as other specialist aspects of investigations.

The nature of some investigations undertaken are as follows:

  • Investigation of pipe failures at sludge incineration plant, UK
  • Investigation of underwater concreting, and cement washout, UK
  • Movement joint failure investigation , Hong Kong
  • Precast equipment investigation, UK
  • Quay Wall Crack Investigation, Middle East
  • Crack investigation and Thermal Modelling, Middle East
  • Investigation of defective pile concrete, UK
  • Slipforming of cement silo, Middle East
  • Expert services on the design and outcomes of alkali silica reaction, UK
  • Power Station – crack investigation and analysis, UK
  • Analysis of repair events and causes of failure of a warehouse floor subject to flooding, UK
  • Investigation of defective diaphragm wall concrete, UK
  • Pile Defects Investigations and Remedial Works, Panama
  • Technical assessment for low and intermediate level nuclear waste containment boxes, UK

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